Steak Fajita Sandwich Station

With hot house peppers and ontario cheddar

Served on a mini ciabatta bun

Veg: option


Poutine Station

With Malbec wine gravy and cheese curds


Topping Choices

Pulled pork, green onions, and tomato concasse


Salmon Blini Station

With Ontario green house herb crusted atlantic salmon

Served with mini buckwheat blini and topped
with crème fraiche


Butternut Squash Ravioli

With buerre noissette and crispy sage leaves


Brown Rice Jambalaya Station

With smoked turkey sausage and
ancho spiced 
shrimp served in a Mini Box


Grilled Cheese Station

Classic aged Ontario cheddar cheese on thick Texas toast


Cuban Style Grilled Cheese

With Ontario berkshire pulled pork,
smoked ham and swiss cheese

Served with spicy bbq ketchup and pickled caper relish


Mini Meatball Hero Station

Made with extra lean sirloin with
provolone cheese and 
roasted yellow peppers

Served with kettle chips


Banh Mi Sandwiches Station

With seared steak
Served with fresh 
cilantro, pickled carrot,
daikon and scallion